DIY Campfire Step 1

I put some blankets and pillows in Sophia’s closet a few weeks ago and she loves to sit in there and play. I thought the closet would be a perfect place to put a felt campfire and pretend she was camping or cooking out. After pinning various felt campfires to my Kiddo Pinterest board I decided I needed to stop gawking at them and make my own. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some felt-some from the bolt, some from the cheap felt square section. I also picked up some gold metallic thread after I saw how it was used for the flames on this blog.

So here are the supplies I used for the fire:

Gold Thread
Straight Pins

I decided to free hand the flames so I drew the large flame and then the 2 smaller flames in proportion to the large one. To my surprise they all turned out looking like actual flames. Sometimes I try to do craft projects and they totally bomb-especially when they involve drawing-so when I get it right I’m pretty impressed

I realized it was easier to only use half the flame and place it on the fold-so I could have even and exact sides. I pinned the pattern on the felt and went to work cutting all my flames out. I cut 3 of each flame so I could have 3 sides to my fire.

I sewed the orange and yellow flames together and then sewed them onto the large red flame. After this I just matched up the 3 finished sets of flames and sewed them together. This way the flames can stand up and I think it also makes them look a bit more like the real thing.

I also like that by sewing the flames this way you can fold them up for easy storage or putting to the side when not in use.

Stay tuned as we assemble the next part of our fire:  Step 2-Felt Logs

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